Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Teboho Masakala, a young man from Thaba Nchu (South Africa) has published his 6th book titled R.E.D (Restoring Everything Damaged). 

The author from Thaba Nchu already has five books he penned: namely Mind, ,Paper and Ideas (2010) Through it All (2011) The Fall of Marcus Desmond (2012) The Spiritual Corner (2013) and Shout to the Lord (2014).

Masakala fell in love with the world of letters while at Selosesha Primary and Goronyane high school in Thaba Nchu and has never looked back and started publishing short stories which can be accessed on the internet.

It was in 2009 when Masakala met Nigerian author O Bolaji who was based in Bloemfontein at the time who helped and guided him in the right direction as far as creative writing is concerned.

The new book R.E.D is a Christian motivational book aimed at uplifting broken spirits, giving hope and reviving the inner person. Masakala said he realised many people had given up hope and needed something to lift up their spirits.

"I saw how people wanted something that can cheer them up, uplift them and most importantly to make them see how much God loves them. It is important to restore a broken spirit then will a person be well. Restoring Everything Damaged book is about changing lives" said Teboho Masakala.

The book costs R100 and those who want a copy of the book can contact Teboho Masakala on 078 1245 396, or facebook "Teboho Masakala"

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