Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Book: Interviews with effervescent writers
Edited by Christine Mautjana
Publisher: Mbali Press (SA and Lesotho)
Design and layout: Thabo Ntai (Lesotho)

This new book – featuring striking interviews with various African writers - is not only a veritable breath of fresh air, but exceedingly welcome!

Writers from diverse backgrounds, race, colour, proclivities, come together to talk about their craft, drive and passion for the written word. There is a strong South African presence here, but the work is still international, and global.

As the editor, Christine Mautjana, correctly points out, over the decades there has always been something excitingly fascinating about writers talking about what makes them tick, especially the likes of pungent, unconventional Aryan Kaganof
who bares all in this work!

George Rampai, novelist and critic, puts it succinctly - "Over the years I have cherished any books where writers are interviewed. From the African perspective two works, African Writers Talking, and Talking with African Writers, will always remain indelible in my mind. I am chuffed that now I am being featured in a new major work of this ilk!"

Other writers interviewed in this book, apart from Aryan Kaganof and George Rampai, include Maxwell Perkins Kanemanyanga,Omoseye Bolaji, Petro Schonfeld, Teboho Letshaba, Nthabiseng JahRose Jafta, Pule Lechesa, Leboela Motopi, Hector Kunene, and NMM Duman.

In this work, there are moving introductions or mini biographies of each writer, preceding every major interview. There are pertinent special quotes, photos,
bibliographies, including supplementary bibliographies, et al.

Also of interest is the Editor's introduction which sheds light on the
conception of this remarkable book. This is an invaluable work that
will be treasured for ages by researchers, scholars and lovers of
literature worldwide.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Foreword by Dr V. Z. Nyawo

Poems include -

A prayer to the God of poetry
Good morning Holy Spirit
When we write poetry
God is able
Phenomenal woman
What others say
Breathing dreams
Tearing others best to fit you better
The cave in the heart
Phase of the unborn
Under this tree
Sweet talker
Baptism of the heart
Anger bewitched an innocent heart
First love
Words spoken by scars
My Muti
Navigating myself to meet you
Dear Sir
My pen is a socialite
Garden of motivation
Think we love each other
My mother
Boom companions
Inspiration of Roma mountains
A heart of an orphan in winter
Ke le Khala
Taken by the tongue
I met my father
Hope, Destiny and Love
To the army of darkness
At the cross
Tucking the ink in bed
My pen is a teacher.


"Suggestions with stale hearts degrading
the level of upgraded thoughts.
They forge your edified ability to merge their mediocrity.
Their odour of jealousy makes you drowsy..."