Saturday, February 9, 2013


New poems by the powerful female writer, Charmaine Kolwane

Synopsis for  poetry book: titledPoetry Commando

Titles of poems
1.                    The one who stole my peace
-it’s about falling helplessly in love with a Stranger
2.            River Bank Zion
- Life moments that are steep
3.            Costa Rama
- A love spot (Costa Rama is that tavern opposite your work place Myra)
4.            11th Commandment
 -Duty of women
5.            Aching spirit
-- A sad spirit
6.            Pregnancy torch
      - A torch passed from women to women to light their womb and to prepare it for fertilization.
7.            Grandma at Machonesa
-Grandparents who borrow money at Loan Shark
8.            Brother SHEBELEKA
-males who work odd jobs to make a living
9.            Pedals o f ink
-talks about literature prophecy over the years
10.          Natural Tattoo
-stretchmark’s, blemishes that are natural in your body, any permanent mark in your body
11.          Information teacher
-being a librarian and teacher of information
12.          Heavy beard
-it’s about guys who uses cars to charm ladies
13.          Confession
-the poem emphasis on confessing your sins and waiting upon the solution.
14.          Ghost love
-it’s about a dead love whom his death rekindled feelings you thought you have killed.
15.          Young and Wasted
- a youth without direction
16.          Road to Mangaung
-ANC conference
17.          Tricked! Trapped! Trafficked!
-women who are trapped by their choices
18.          Street women
- a women who is a Hobo and stays on the streets
19.          Somalia
-talks about the war that was happening in Somalia in early 2011, with famine and poverty in their land
20.          United Starvation Of Africa
-hungry Africans who depend on Education to make it out there
21.          A sister’s keeper
-Women who walk side by side supporting each other
22.          Birth
- New life
23.          Behind closed doors
- Illicit behaviour that happens when no one is looking but God
24.          Untitled 1
25.          Untitled 2
26.          Untitled 3
27.          Spirit

28.          Father Unknown
      -children who don’t know their parents
29.          Don’t call her mme
           -it’s about being burden by being a women, called a women
30.          New Dawn
-a promise of a new day
31.          Crisp
- it talks about alcohol abuse
32.          Gangsta Mistress
-concubine who steals husbands
33.          Pharaoh
-It’s about Pharaoh in the bible
34.          Hurry Home
-Its about guarding your home against misfortunes and rains
35.          Saartjie Baartman
-it celebrates the life of Saartjie
36.          Father is known
-it’s about a father who is active in their child’s live and taking responsibility

Monday, February 4, 2013

VUSI GUMBI'S Don't kill the dead

Book: Don't kill the dead
Author: Vusi Gumbi

A shocking, brilliant novel in many ways - penned by a Black South African. From the outset we are surprised to learn that the protagonists are mainly white, based far away in the United States of America; not even averse to using derogatory terms for blacks. The violence is also shattering, with horrifying things done to the victims here. The author shows fine knowledge of forensics, and builds up the momentum in a sophisticated manner; as layers upon layers are unveiled including the deft characterisation. A stunning 'whodunnit' that should be praised and appreciated. The author shows that even black Africans can write the best of mystery/detective stories with panache.
- F. Qoopane