Friday, July 18, 2014

Introducing AYI KWEI ARMAH

Overview by Paul Lothane

"Each thing that goes away returns and nothing in the end is lost. The great friend throws all things apart and brings all things together again. That is the way everything goes and turns around. That is how all living things come back after long absences, and in the whole great world all things are living things. He will return".


The beautyful ones are not yet born. "The man's lack of a name irritates Achebe...Reminding him of the best manner of existentialist writing".           

Why are we so blest? "Armah's account (of Prof Jefferson's impotence) lacks the faintest tincture of that compassion which usually accompanies recognition of
tragic facts".  
"Solo in Why are we so blest? and Baako in Fragments are both heirs to the 19th century Romantic tradition of artistic isolation...    

"In Two Thousand Seasons, Armah resolves this by envisaging social contact of the artist in traditional African community 'hearers, seers, imaginers, thinkers  like griots, ijala singer, Ewe lyricist etc'".  

Two Thousand Seasons. "Such willful blinkering strikes one as unacceptable" "The humane sensibility tends to recoil..." - W Soyinka.

Ayi Kwei Armah's Works

The beautyful ones are not yet born


Why are we so blest?

Two thousand Seasons

The Healers

Osiris Rising

KMT: In the house of life

The Eloquence of the Scribes

Hieroglyphics for Babies

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