Monday, May 26, 2014

SONNET FOR ‘DADA’ (Sobriquet of a Pan-Africanist)

He soaks in a melange of information with elan    

As if part of a well-orchestrated plan 

Scrupulous research is his forte
Dada is certainly here to stay!  

Of proud nigh-imperious IsiXhosa progeny    

Hark at him for all to see
Bastion of Quintessential learning and predilection.  

Nothing to prise him away from his vision

Dada! The intellectual world salutes you  

As you fasten to literature like glue

Author, essayist, Pan-Africanist  

To boot an over-arching humanist

Let's toast to Dada's health  

And to the hoard of his intellectual wealth
-      O Bolaji

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