Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pule Lechesa's "Essays on Free State Black Literature"

CONTENTS (Chapters) of this work

1. Introduction. By O Bolaji
2. Literature grows by leaps and bounds
3. Dearth of indigenous languages
4. The grassroots poets on the rise
5. Reminiscence of Onitsha Literature
6. Modern trappings in Tebogo and the Haka
7. Lechesa bounces back
8. Shades of hubris in JahRose’s work
9. Fatal Flaws in Hector Kunene’s Through the tunnel
10. Enemy of the State By Maxwell Perkins Kanemanyanga
11. Confusion in Deon-Simphiwe Skade’s debut work
12. Literary Criticism an eyesore for Black Writers!
13. Pule Lechesa interviews Bolaji
14. Mme Duman’s Deepest Springs
15. A renowned scholar on Free State shores
16. Tebogo and the epithalamion
17. Football power in Tebogo and the pantophagist
18. Appendix

Reviews and criticism of this new work are very much welcome

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raphaelmokoena said...

Excellent and gratifying. Ntate Lechesa deserves fulsome praise for what he's done for Free State - and even African - writing. Even a cynical world class critic like Achal praised Mr Lechesa in his final article!