Thursday, July 13, 2017



When darkness engulfs my days,

When dust chokes my breath,

When fog enslaves my eyes and the rain shatters my skin.

When laughter is but a beautiful enigma and joy fades into a distant nostalgia.

When my face becomes a worn out canvas of old tales, foreign routes and dried up channels that once nourished the nearby grasslands,

When thick beds of solidified ash and debris are the only witness to my existence,

When I am stiffened and stationary in my resting place,

I shall have a hymn in my heart,

 I shall sing sweet melody,

I shall ululate with gratitude in my slumber,

For I have lived a beautiful life!



A stunning, beautiful poem - straight from the heart

Eric said...

Grips almost like a tourniquet...difficult to believe that this is the work of a "newcomer"

TM THIBA said...

I'm really happy to see her work here and I believe she will write more and more. Beautiful poem derives from within.

Paul Lothane said...

Definitely the poet has something to say...and captures the fleeting feelings impressively...we look forward to the poet's progress

Henry OZOGULA said...

the poet is certainly not a newcomer; writes with a deft hand

Eric said...

I am happy to see all the plaudits coming the way of the poet - poetess? - here. We appreciate all the goodwill

KUNLE AWO said...

What a fine poem...

TM THIBA said...

I sometimes wish that I could hear the writer of this fine poem, Kesa reciting it.