Friday, December 9, 2016


The highlight of the occasion was the major speech well known literary critic, Mr Pule Lechesa delivered, extolling the vision and goodwill of Mrs Schimper. For good measure he sprinkled his address with references:

1. For the love of Words: focus on the Eclectic Writers Club. 2001.   
2.  The Growth of Free State Black Writing (Part 6). Edited by Peter Moroe. 2008.        
3. "The Bard of Bloemfontein". By Achal Prabhala. Chimurenga Journal. 2011. (Also online)   
4. It Couldn't Matter Less. By O Bolaji. 2013.     
5. Windmills of the Dames. By O Bolaji. 2014.      
6.  "Literature: Women can be Awesome!" By Leke Giwa (Ghana). Available online via this link:                                                                                                              Note photo of Mrs Schimper in this feature, online.
7.  “Lechesa graces Macufe Wordfest” By Pule Lechesa (also available online)

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Paul Lothane said...

Mrs Schimper deserves all the kudos;in my mind she s like Ulli Beier, those who gave their all to develop African writing