Wednesday, November 2, 2016


(Yemisi Otasanya in her own words)

‘My passion for writing started at the age of 8, when out of boredom, I picked up my pencil and wrote my first poem. Daddy was my first audience. May God bless his soul. He laughed heartily after reading the poem. It was more of a paradox about a frog who could not sing, but was a choir master.

Rather than hang out with my friends during playtime, I spent most of the time imagining about adventures in space, fighting aliens and conquering colonies. I imagined I was a dashing irresistible warrior princess with no interest in love, a super hero, a secret spy and much more. At the age of 11, while in year 1 of Junior Secondary School, I wrote an adventure script and shared it with my friends. They loved it and pressurized me to write more, but I deterred. 

As a teenager, I wanted to be a scientist and not pursue writing. I had a secret herbarium where I carried out research on the flora in Abuja city and did a lot of research writing and occasional articles in local dailies. I also engaged in loads of freelance writing and editing for friends, collecting stipends in return.

I am currently an IT project manager, an author, a mother and wife and I love studying nature, stars and their constellations, elements, history, cultures, managing complex projects, meeting people, dancing (I have my own symphony, lol). I am crazy about science fiction.

I do loads of research before embarking on a writing project and I have God as my father. I never make assumptions about people or jump to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story. I believe we all have the chance to be better. My weed is writing. I hope you enjoy reading my books.’

Books by Yemisi Otasanya

Perfect Body, Perfect Baby After Delivery

Above The Ether

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