Thursday, June 13, 2013


Poets, scribes and would-be-authors from our country (SA) districts take centre stage during the Open Microphone session at the Schreiner: Karoo Writers Festival (Cradock, 9 – 11 August 2013).

“This is an invitation to writers from all walks of life,” says Paul Walters, who chairs the organising committee. “We know that countless South Africans are stringing words together in private or longing to start writing their own stories. It can be a lonely business. The festival offers a safe and friendly place to come out in the open; meet fellow writers; share our experiences and our writings. And set up new support networks.”

Prof Walters has helped generations of Rhodes English students to find their own literary “voices”. He will referee the lively open microphone session scheduled for Saturday 10 August. Each participant gets 3 minutes to read or recite his or her own work.

Some of the words will bring a tear to the eye, others will have you rolling in the aisle. Guitar-strumming poet/lyricist Robert Pearce will open the session.  Popular blogger, DomineeAttie van Wyk always entertains. Zenobia Kock will present a passage from the moving book she wrote while she was a pastorie-mama in Colesberg.Tarkastad magistrate Jo Els will also take the microphone – poetry helped him overcome a lifetime of stuttering.

Two learners from Cradock high schools will also read. They are to be selected from the participants in a series of multi-media outreach workshops co-ordinated by Upstart and the National English Literary Museum.

These are just a few examples of the lively cast for this “local writing goes live” show. To secure your slot, simply show up on the day, or get in touch with the organisers (details below).

The Open Microphone provides a focus, but the entire festival is a writer’s and reader’s indaba.
The action begins on Thursday (8 August) with the traditional pilgrimage to the Schreiner Grave atop Buffelskop. There’s nothing like a hike in the fresh air to bring down barriers and facilitate new friendships.

In addition to other programme items, every breakfast, tea, lunch and supper offers fresh opportunities to mix and interact with other writers and readers.

For more programme info, see the facebookpageSchreiner: Karoo Writers Festival. To book and find out about special festival packages, write to Lisa ring 082 410 5596 or or ring 082 888 8953.


Unknown said...

I am sure Olive Schreiner would have loved the article. Thanks! Nosizwe

Ben Rivonia said...

Hi Raselebeli,
Thanks for your blog, there is surely a need to raise awareness around the fantastic literary works Africa can offer! Would you consider reviewing Legson Kayira's republished memoirs "I will try"? If so, please contact me